Translated: “A Discussion Paper on Local Councils in Syria” by the Martyr and Anarchist Comrade, Omar Aziz

هنا “ورقة نقاشية عن المجالس المحلية في سوريا” بقلم الشهيد الأناركي الرفيق عمر عزيز
مترجمة إلى الإنكليزية


Introduction: The Period of Power and the Period of Revolution

A revolution is an exceptional event that will alter the history of societies, while changing humanity itself. It is a rupture in time and space, where humans live between two periods: the period of power and the period of revolution. A revolution’s victory, however, is ultimately achieving the independence of its time in order to move into a new era. The Syrian Revolution has entered its eighth month and still has days ahead in its struggle to overthrow the regime and unlock new areas of life. The authoritative control on the territories is relatively present, but its scope of power differs from region to region, from day to day, and from hour to hour throughout the same day. During the past, continuos demonstrations were able to break the dominance of absolute power in certain areas. It was the continuation of…

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