I am an angry woman of colour, disillusioned by the left and betrayed by people I once called comrades. “I am truly free only when all human beings, men and women, are equally free.” And till then, excuse me while I disgust your civilisation and randomly shell your liberal values.

I am Palestinian until de-colonisation; Syrian until the triumph of the revolution; Saharawi until liberation; Kashmiri until independence; Kurdish until full freedom and equality. I’m a Darfurian in Sudan, Shi’ite in Bahrain, Ahwazi in Iran, Asian housemaid in Lebanon, illegal immigrant in the US and aboriginal in Australia. The cause of every oppressed people, every indigenous minority and each unprivileged group is my cause.

غاضبة بالفطرة, متطرّفة حتّى إشعارٍ آخر, رافضة لكلّ سلطة, ناقمة على المجتمع المدني, أحاول التمرّد على موروثي وأعشق خوض المعارك الخاسرة, لم أختر فلسطينيّتي فلا تغبطوني عليها

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  1. I’m with you! I carry your revolutionary heart in my heart and your pains and proud ambitions in my head! too many stabs at my flesh by the hands of “friends”, yet still delirious with desire to see the world free and liberated from all forms of oppression and inequality and racism and Zionism, even in my dark lonely moments of betrayal and defeat!

  2. Your blog is a fresh breeze in a jail-cell full of fog. I have to say you are inspiring me to write again, I even started a wordpress to be able to “like” your blogs. A fellow angry lady of Palestinian persuasion.

  3. What about the horrors that Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabis have visited upon the whole region? Are you also pro their victims? And Daesh’s victims? And AlQaeda (Nusra Front’s horrors) victims as well? Or are we to “excuse you but this is a revolution” for them as well?
    What about the horrors committed against maids in the gulf countries and against foreign workers who live in squalid conditions worse than cattle and die by the hundreds in Qatar while no one cares as long as the world cup which they bought through corruption goes well? Or is there only a maid problem in the French colony they call “Lebanon”?
    Spare me your “heart” and the comment about having your heart in someone else’s heart. Your poetics merely serve to throw sand and oil in our eyes and these prominent gaps in the list of victims you identify with clearly point out your agenda and probably your source of funding as well.

  4. I am delighted to learn that Fadi was executed in Yerushalyim. The arabs are illegally squatting in our country and their violent stabbings shows they must be repatriated to Jordan as soon as possible.

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